Refrigerated Storage Containers

Refrigerated Storage Containers

Rent or buy a reefer container now to keep perishable goods safe. We are used often to ship perishable goods overseas, but we can also be rented out to restaurants and other organizations that need to protect perishable items from heat. If you are looking for the best company to rent Refrigerated Storage Containers from, look no further than Dash Mobile Storage!

Cargo Worthy Containers

Cargo-worthy containers are ideal for ocean-going cargo transport.

Delivery on-site

Delivery is easy with our on-site drop-off.

Quality Guarantee

Every unit in our facility is checked to ensure that we meet our quality standards.

Customized Container

Customize your container to fit your storage and/or shipping needs.

Reefers are the best solution for extra refrigerated or freezer storage.

We have a range of electric reefers. Every unit is thoroughly inspected to ensure the best equipment for the storage of perishable goods.

You can get refrigerators in dock height trailers, or ground-level conex units. There are two options for door styles: roll-up or barn-style. Diesel and electric options are available for dock height trailers. Conex units can only be powered by electricity.


These are just a few of the many safety-related benefits that our workplace offers.

This portable cold storage container is available from increasing numbers of North American hubs. It can be used for short, medium, and long-term rentals.

It is essential to be user-friendly. Dash Mobile Storage containers are easy to open and have an internal door release and internal lighting. Dayglow signage is included as well as an alarm that can be set to ring when someone is trapped. The latest models include an escape hatch. We are committed to providing a safe work environment.

Dash Mobile Storage has a range of ramps that can support 1100 lbs. Other ramps are available in higher ratings. All have anti-slip flooring.

The 40/60 doors ensure that the left-hand side door is closed most of the time. Full-width strip curtains are available to reduce heat gain from doors that are opened.

Refrigerated Storage Containers

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Refrigerated Containers

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