Mobile Storage Units Hialeah


Conex boxes are available in many configurations for those who require secure, immediate storage space for their business or home. 


  • Conex boxes 6 ft, 10 ft, and 20 ft can be parked in one standard-sized parking space.
  • The 20-foot Conex box is a popular option for meeting storage needs on, construction sites, remodeling projects, ballfields, farms, small storefronts, and other purposes.
  • 40′ Conex boxes are the perfect choice for contractors who need onsite storage to store large construction project materials.
  • Dash Mobile’s 40-foot Conex box is the largest standard storage container. It allows you to store large equipment, supplies and inventory securely and neatly onsite.


Our fully-integrated drivers have a large stock of mobile storage containers that can be mobilized by them. We are able to deliver locally, pick up empty units, and service the containers. This allows us to be more responsive and flexible to your requirements. This also allows you to save money and has the added benefit of peace of mind.


We offer double and single door entry to make it easy for you to get to your items. Our premium door option makes it possible to open the steel storage unit using one hand.


Dash Mobile Storage is a winner with its 24/7 customer service, on-the-dot delivery, and pick-up guarantees. Dash Mobile provides the best next-day and same-day services in the industry for any emergency.


We have a large inventory of steel storage containers and 2 locations throughout South Florida. Our own fleet of delivery trucks ensures that you get reliable, fast delivery.

Conex Box Rental in Palm City