Rent Refrigerated Containers

Rent Refrigerated Containers

Rent Refrigerated Containers

For your next cargo needs, refrigerated containers are a good option. The interior of each unit is made from stainless steel to ensure that it maintains set temperatures and can be used for multiple industrial purposes. You can rent our containers for either short-term or long-term periods.

There are many storage containers available in a variety of sizes and types. It is important to research your options before you make a purchase.

Dash Mobile Storage has extensive experience in working with businesses to offer efficient storage solutions that meet their specific needs.

Contact us for spacious, quality refrigeration units for your temperature-sensitive items today.

The Features of Refrigerated Container Units

There are many sizes of refrigerator unit containers. You can choose the one that suits your storage and transportation needs.

  • To store frozen and chilled goods in cold storage, create partitions of varying temperatures.
  • Unexpected emergencies can be helped by easy-to-use emergency exits
  • Cargo doors make it easy to access the unit from all sides.
  • Remote temperature monitoring makes it possible to remotely monitor the temperature. Keep goods at the temperature they are supposed to be and avoid spoilage, premature contamination, and ripening.
  • There are blast-freezer options to reach temperatures below -70°F.
  • Protect the exterior of your container from extreme weather conditions with stainless steel sheeting
  • You can customize your electricity and plumbing options to meet your specific needs.

You can rent storage containers to meet your temporary needs. You can rent an integral refrigerator unit for a few days or a month. Or even for several years. Our rental process is simple and cost-effective, which sets us apart from other companies.

Renting is an option, provided you don’t plan to modify or customize the unit. The final decision will depend on your goals, timeframe, and budget.

Rent Refrigerated Containers

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