Refrigerated Trailer Rental Near Me

Rent a Dock Height Trailer

Storage trailers are great for storing goods at the site. With our large selection of storage units, it is simple to find the right storage solution for your product or application. Call us to find the right trailer rental for you.

Uses and Applications

Dash Mobile Storage dock height trailers are a cost-effective, flexible, and practical solution to a wide range of space needs. These trailers are perfect for those who need more space.


Perhaps you are remodeling your office and require storage space to store new fixtures and furniture. You can also dispose of old equipment. Everything can be stored in a dry, clean area. This will ensure that your workspace is organized and professional.


Both homeowners and businesses can safely store bulky, large equipment in our trailers.  Trailers come in 48′ or 53′ lengths. With 3″ insulated walls. At dock height, these units can be backed in against your dock to provide extra storage for dry goods or refrigerated products.

Refrigerated Storage Rentals in Jensen Beach