Shipping Containers for Rent

Shipping Containers for Rent

Humans need storage that is why we offer Shipping Containers for Rent. It is essential for us to have it in our homes. It is essential for us to have it in our offices. It is essential for construction and industrial sites. Some people need permanent storage, others need temporary storage for renovations, renovations, redecoration, or expansions. No matter the reason, there seems to never be enough storage. But there is an easy solution: commercial storage containers.

Dash Mobile Storage offers local homeowners, business owners, and construction companies tough, secure, safe, and secure shipping container storage units. These can be used to store office equipment and file cabinets, furniture and other collectibles, parts, tools, overstock inventory and store displays, as well as office equipment and files. Dash Mobile Storage has extensive experience in serving local customers with Palm Bay storage containers. We offer a variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs.

How to use shipping containers as temporary on-site storage

We will share some tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your Dash Mobile Storage container storage rental experience.

DELIVERY SERVICE: Choose a company that will deliver your container storage rental and set it up according to your requirements. Dash Mobile Storage offers this service to all our clients. We can help you choose the best place for your temporary storage to maximize your rental. You only need a solid foundation such as concrete, asphalt, or compacted dirt.

STORAGE PERMITS: Check your local ordinance to see if you will need a building permit to store your temporary onsite storage, even if it’s not on a permanent foundation. Although most cities don’t require it, it is a good idea to check before your Palm Bay business storage containers are delivered.

Be upfront about costs – Get a free estimate from a customer service representative on the cost of your container storage rental. This will depend on the type and size you choose, and the length of the lease or rent. If you plan to use the space for a long-term or permanent purpose, consider purchasing commercial storage containers.

SECURITY MEASURES: You store your stuff in temporary storage to keep it safe. It’s worth investing in a lock or box to ensure that no one can break into your storage unit and steal your items. For an extra level of security, some businesses place their container storage rentals inside a security fence.

CLEANING/MAINTENANCE: Keep commercial storage containers clean and tidy. Coffee grounds can be used to reduce or eliminate any odors. After a few days, you can sweep it off. Mothballs and scent products, as with any storage area, can be used to prevent your items from becoming absorbed smells or creating smells over time.

VENTILATION OPTIONS – You can add ventilation to your container storage rental, or even HVAC units, to ensure that the items are safe from extreme temperature changes outside. Talk to a Dash Mobile Storage representative to learn more about the options available for Palm City and all of South Florida business storage containers.

Maximize Your Space – Even though you may think that you only require the smallest container storage rental, think about what other items you might need to store in commercial storage containers. Talk to a representative to discuss the pricing for different sizes and types of temporary onsite storage. To determine if it’s worth upgrading to the next size when you require Shipping Containers for Rent.

Why container storage rental units work

Renting commercial storage containers can be a great way to store things that you won’t use now but will need in the future. These can be seasonal items, store displays, and tools, as well as other items that are used only in the winter months.

These items can be moved into temporary storage to make space for new things, expand your office, or protect them during a remodel. It is much easier to have your items onsite than in off-site storage. You don’t need to travel across town or haul them back and forth. Call today if you have an interest in Shipping Containers for Rent.  866-548-1200

Shipping Containers for Rent

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