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A mobile storage trailer with wheels can be used to store large items in buildings that have a loading dock. These large pieces of storage equipment are also called semi-trailers and are transported by semi-trucks to the loading dock. Because of their ease of use, they are very popular. If you have been searching for the best Mobile Storage Trailers Company, look no further than Dash Mobile Storage, we can fill all your needs!

Dash Mobile Storage provides a range of mobile storage solutions that are professional and can be rented out or purchased by businesses of any size. While storage containers are the most common item we recommend, we also recommend storage trailers that have wheels if you have enough space. For more information, visit our blog or contact us immediately to get pricing and delivery information.

Managers, business owners, and other professionals are responsible for ensuring that storage on site is secure. We make it easy for you. We have large and small storage containers, as well as large storage vans. We have all the information that you need to make the best choice for your business.

These are the main advantages of semi-trailers when it comes to storage.

Semi-trailers can be very large. They provide more space than any other option. Our units measure between 28 and 53 feet in length. These units are great for large amounts of merchandise or supplies storage.

Weatherproof: All storage trailers are waterproof and windproof. Your merchandise can be stored for as long as you like, knowing it will be safe from the elements.

High security: Semitrailers can be used to secure your belongings and prevent theft. Semitrailers are strong and durable and can withstand any type of storage or loading. When the only point of access to your stuff is the loading dock, you can rest assured that it will be safe.

The Storage Trailer Extension for Your Building: This storage option is unrivaled. The storage trailer can be built into the loading dock of your building. This makes it possible to store your items closer to your building. The semi-trailer can be used as an extension of your building. You have full control over who can access your building. You can put a kingpin lock to your trailer to prevent it from being moved without your permission.

It is easier to move: A semi-truck will be required to transport a semitrailer that has been loaded for storage. However, once the trailer is fully loaded, it can be moved on your lot. You will need to unload any other storage items on-site before they can be moved.

Many businesses can use semi-trailers as storage options. They do require a loading dock. Ground-level storage containers are great because they can be placed anywhere. They are available in sizes 20ft to 40ft. These containers offer the same safe and watertight storage. Ground-level storage containers are sometimes more suitable for outdoor storage. These containers can be placed on the ground and loaded using a forklift ramp, just like in a warehouse.

We offer high-quality storage containers for rent or sale at affordable prices. We also offer professional delivery for your convenience. For more information about mobile storage trailers, contact Dash Mobile Storage today. 772-600-2058

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