Rent Mobile Storage Containers

Rent Mobile Storage Containers

A storage container rental is a great option for moving to a new location. Although most people prefer to hire a professional to move their belongings, renting a storage container can help you save a lot of money. Storage containers typically cost only a fourth of what you would normally pay for movers. Although it’s a safe and secure way to temporarily store your belongings, there are some things you should consider before renting a container. If you are looking for the most trustworthy company to Rent Mobile Storage Containers from look no further than Dash Mobile Storage! Let’s take a look at them.

Find out how long you need the container for

Some moves are more time-consuming than others. Some people live in small homes that require a smaller container to move quickly, while others may need multiple containers over several months. It doesn’t matter what size container you need, it will help to calculate the cost of renting one.

Find out the right size for you

We offer a variety of storage options at Dash Mobile to meet the needs of our clients. We have everything you need, from 10′ containers to 40ft double-door containers. We can help you determine the right size container for you. Some situations will require several large containers, while others may only require one.

Find out what you can and cannot store in your container

You can’t store certain items in your storage container, regardless of whether you are using them for business or home moves. You cannot store gasoline, cleaner solvents, cleaner fluids, cleaner fluids, motor oil, lighter fuel, or paint. You cannot store poisons, ammonia, scuba tanks, fertilizer, or other hazardous materials in the container. You might want to consider renting a storage container for the above-mentioned items.

Dash Mobile is your storage container rental solution

After you have decided that a storage container rental is a right choice for your needs, contact us at Dash Mobile. For over a decade, we have been renting storage containers and can help you make your move as easy as possible.

Rent Mobile Storage Containers

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