South Florida Storage Container

South Florida Storage Container

Whether you’re making a move, renovating your home, or in the construction business, a mobile storage container is a convenient and safe way to store your belongings. Dash Mobile Storage has a variety of storage containers available for lease and seamless delivery options so you can save money on transportation costs associated with off-site storage facility fees. If you are looking for the most reliable company to rent a South Florida Storage Container look no further than Dash Mobile Storage!

Some of the storage rentals and services we offer are:

Storage Containers. Choose from 10’, 20’, and 40’ containers ideal for residential, commercial, and construction projects. You can also choose from a double door, or side door for easy access.

Mobile Office Trailers. We provide semi-permanent and temporary mobile office trailers for rent, lease, or sale. Various floor plans and sizes of mobile office trailers are available for all of your needs.

Dock Height Trailers. Our Storage Trailers come in various sizes depending on your requirements. They also come with various door options such as roll-ups, swings, and side doors.

Equipment Rentals. Rent the equipment you need for your next project. From aerial work platforms and earth-moving machines to pumps and trailers, we have it available for our customers.

Why Portable Storage?
Contractors, construction companies, commercial businesses, small business owners, and homeowners trust Dash Mobile Storage to dependably deliver quality mobile storage rentals. Our steel storage containers provide a safe and reliable space for your valuable or work site materials while they’re not in use.

Here are a few benefits of portable storage containers:

Accessibility. Only you have access to your belongings or equipment whenever you need it. Unlike a storage company that holds your things miles away, a mobile storage unit can sit on your property.

Convenience. There is no rush for when you must return your unit. Take your time packing your belongings for a month, or only use your unit for a week while your home is renovated. When you’re done, we will come to pick it up for you.

Security. Steel storage units are safe from nearly every external threat. Whether it’s a stranger, inclement weather, or strong winds, your possessions will remain secure and pristine.

Cost-effective. You only pay for the time you use your storage unit. There are no transportation fees or need to pay a moving and storage company or facility. This is the most convenient and cost-effective storage solution.

South Florida Storage Container

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