Portable Storage Unit

Portable Storage Unit


Dash Mobile Storage offers a wide range of storage options at an affordable price point. We have the largest selection of storage containers, office boxes, and combo units.

Dimensions of Conex Box

Conex boxes are available in many sizes. Storage shipping containers are available in standard sizes (6ft, 10ft. and 20ft.) as well as 40ft. All models have lockable door handles, including a high-security lock option.

  • It is easy to rent portable storage of the right size and type.
  • These containers are portable storage units that can:
  • Save on warehouse costs
  • Protect expensive equipment, supplies, paperwork
  • Maximize productivity to ensure timely completion of projects
  • You can customize your order

All of our solutions can be customized to meet your storage and space requirements. To save space and improve efficiency in your business, we can install shelves, pipe racks, and plan tables.

What is the cost of shipping containers to rent?

A conex box can be rented for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase your own container. Renting a steel shipping container can be a great way to save money for your business. How much does a shipping container really cost? It depends on many factors such as the size, condition, and quality of the container, the location, and whether any modifications were made. Our article on shipping container prices will cover everything you need to learn about conex box rental pricing.

Our online rental form makes it easy to rent shipping containers.

Request a rental quote now

Our conex containers and boxes can be used during disaster relief if you require emergency storage or structures within a short time frame.

To help you decide if portable storage containers might be right for you, read our detailed renter’s guide. Find the right portable storage container size and type to rent.

Check out our special deals for huge savings on high-quality used shipping containers. You can find used shipping containers available for immediate delivery in various sizes at selected locations.


We offer quick, affordable, and reliable rental storage containers and ground-level office containers for commercial usage.

These benefits do not end there. Dash Mobile Storage has its own fleet of trucks, trailers, and trucks. When you place an order, you can expect containers delivered on the date and time that you have set. Our sales team is also highly skilled and can assist you with questions regarding our services, site preparation, etc.

Are you looking for temporary storage solutions These portable storage containers can be rented for short-term or long-term use in various industrial applications.

Shipping containers were originally designed to transport goods over the ocean. They have since been used in storage by many industries. These containers can withstand extreme weather conditions, water, and fire, keeping your contents safe. These Corten steel storage containers can be customized with rental plans and a variety of sizes.

Shipping containers can be rented to move and store goods in many industries such as construction, education, government, and petrochemical.

Dash Mobile Storage is sensitive to the needs of its customers. We partner with businesses to offer efficient storage and office solutions.

Portable Storage Unit

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