Refrigerated Conex Containers

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Dash Mobile Storage manufactures a variety of self-contained or shore-powered refrigerated containers that can be used in harsh environments. If you are searching for the best company to rent or purchase Refrigerated Conex Containers from look no further than Dash Mobile Storage!

Customizable Cooling Solutions

You can customize your refrigerator containers with cargo doors, cooler-type doors, and walk-in doors. Containers with internal partitions can be used to store and transport both frozen and chilled items in one container.

Other optional features include stainless steel interior and heavy-duty tread aluminum flooring, vinyl curtains, interior lights, and a wide range of shelving options. Machines can run on either 440V or 220V, three-phase power with electronic recording and an international parts and service network. Dash Mobile Storage offers clip-on generators that can be used to provide independent cooling.

A large number of refrigerated containers are also available for short-term and long-term leasing.

Dash Mobile Storage offers reliable, best-in-class cold storage and freezer containers for corporations, governments, farmers, and medical institutions such as:

  • Processing of meat and seafood.
  • AID, Government, and Military
  • Chemical and petrochemical.
  • Freight forwarders.
  • Offshore industry, oil & gas companies.
  • Medical & pharmaceutical institutions
  • More

Each container comes with an evaporator fan that can be used to reduce high-pressure temperatures.

Anatomy of a Cold Storage Refrigerated Storage Container

Cold storage refrigerated shipping containers are designed to withstand extreme temperatures while maintaining a stable temperature inside. They require special parts in order to work correctly.

Refrigerated containers have walls made from sandwiched stainless-steel sheeting with foam insulation in the middle and aluminum sheeting.

When you need to protect your container from the elements, insulation is a great option.

The steel is smoother than in other containers. This can give the container a unique look that could prove to be beneficial in certain situations.

As you can see, multiple steel sheets and insulation make thicker walls. However, Dash Mobile Storage has the technology to safely and efficiently cut through walls and create windows or doors to suit your needs.

Refrigerated Conex Containers

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